Road trip to Wales


Who doesn’t love a change of scene?  I get such a buzz (and a few nerves) from shooting somewhere new.  Carys and Brad booked me in 2020 when my cameras were collecting dust and my computers had been reassigned to home schooling.  Fast forward to a absolutely packed out 2022 and I hit google maps to get my bearings of Carys and Brads wedding venue in Wales. It looked amazing and I was instantly hooked. When I’m heading out of the Cotswolds and into Wales I’ll always pop in on my photographer friend Aga who’s based in Cardiff. It just makes the whole trip so lovely!


Back to Nature


I’m a very outdoorsy person so I was thrilled to be shooting in the woods at Gellifawr Woodland Retreat.

Wedding photography is a very fluid thing for me, I dont approach a wedding with preconceptions about what I want to shoot I very much get a feel for the day in real time. I’ve always worked the same because for me it’s very much about people and everyone is different.

Family Matters


My first observation was how close this family unit was.  Children can get a bit overwhelmed at big events and it was clear that Carys and Brad wanted to include their boys completely. So with that in mind it was my job was to just to tell the story as happened and carefully find a good window to sneak off with Mum and Dad for some alone time portraits.


I flipping loved this wedding!! It ticked all the boxes for me. Carys and Brad just relaxed into their day and had the best time. They had such an amazing reception and party too.  No one avoided the dance floor, and for a wedding photographer that’s what dreams are made of. 






Photographer : eve dunlop Photography














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Boho bride reflection
View of woodland wedding
Bride having flower crown fitted
Boys playing at prep
Shots being poured
Groomsmen taking shots
Bride in flower crown getting dressed
Portrait of bride in Wales
Bride walking down the stairs at Gellifawr woodland retreat
Bride walking down the stairs at Gellifawr woodland retreat
Page boys in a row in a woodland wedding
Bride and her father
Woodland wedding scene
bride groom and their children
Happy couple at boho wedding
Page boy drinking from a straw
Couple sat at table signing register while son covers eyes
Sunset couple Lains Barn
Bride comforting her child
Bride stood in the sunlight<br />
Bride and bridesmaids in Wales
Guests laughing at Welsh wedding venue
Guests laughing at Welsh wedding venue
Group of wedding guests
Guests greeting at Elmore Court<br />
Bride playing with children on the swing
Wedding cake
Group of people doing shots at Gellifawr woodland venue
Baby looking at the camera
Bride dancing
Bride and groom laughing at speeches in a marque
Bride and groom laughing at speeches in a marque
People running across a field
Bride and bridesmaid dancing
Bride and groom on dancefloor<br />
Bride jumping on the dancefloor full of energy
Bride raving at wedding in Wales
Man in the camera giving a peace sign
Dancefloor scenes
Couple on dancefloor
Queen tribute band