Don’t take my word for it…
We’ve spent the last two hours looking through our wedding photos and we are obsessed with them. The memories you have captured for us are incredible, we absolutely love them & can’t thank you enough. I can hardly put it into words how we feel about them, they are just all so beautiful.  We found ourselves looking at photos that felt like forgotten moments and you’ve helped us relive the most incredible day, and every time we look at those photos we’ll get to relive it. I can remember our first visit to Kingscote barn, I saw a beautiful photo album with your name on the front. As soon as I saw that I knew I wanted you to capture our day, the photos say it all Eve! Your work is incredible! We can’t recommend you enough, you were amazing to work with and we felt that you were always quietly capturing moments that we didn’t even know about. You made us feel at ease throughout the day and allowed it to flow. Thank you again Eve, we can’t wait to show these to all of our family & friends! Sorry it’s a late reply, we just wanted to send over our HUGE THANKS!! 
All our love and thanks, Lauren & Rob xxx

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WOW Eve….! 

Our photos are absolutely incredible and so heart-warming!

We sat down with a bottle of champagne (or two!) and had an evening full of laughter and tears and were overfilled by love. 

You caught so many special moments that we would have otherwise missed and it has been so special replaying our day all over again – we’ve looked through them 3 times already!!

Honestly Eve, we are so grateful to you, thank you. We LOVE them! 

Hannah & Steve

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I just wanted to say… you are amazing. The photos are truly spectacular and we cannot thank you enough for capturing so many beautiful moments of our day – I have been through the photos so many times and it’s like re-living the whole day again. My family is so delighted as well and you have become somewhat of a legend in the Grewal-Price household! Thank you so much again
Tara and Marcus

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Wowsers!!! I think we must have looked at these photos more than 20 times already in the last 2 days! I don’t think my vocabulary is big enough to describe just how much we bloody love them! Every time we look through them we see something new and fall in love with them a little bit more! You have managed to capture all of the emotions we felt through out our wonderful day and it makes us smile like crazy when ever we look at them! There are so many moments that we didn’t see that you have captured…your like a photographer ninja! Normally, I personally hate having my photo taken and I was so nervous about this leading up to the wedding but after our engagement shoot my nerves evaporated, (Another set of amazing photos I might add!!!) and on the day I had a blast and so much fun and it shows so much in the photos. Thank you also for staying late to capture the sparklers and fireworks and for helping me sort out my veil in the morning and answering all the other questions I had about what happens at a wedding! Thank you so so so so so so so much for everything!
Love Leanne and Rich xx

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They are AMAZING! They are all such great shots and it’s really nice to see the day unfold in the pictures, such an awesome reminder of a fab day (as it passed too quickly for us)! Love that there are so many snippets of things going on that we didn’t see and you managed to capture, and the candid shots are just so good! Loving every bit of it and we are so incredibly pleased that we had you as our photographer! Thank you for sharing the day with us! Can’t stop raving about the photos! Thank you soooo much!
K & R

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Eve these are incredible!!!! We just can’t believe how well you captured the day!!! We love every single one! We can’t stop looking at them!! Thank you so much for being brilliant and fabulous on the day. Everyone is raving about you!!
Catherine and Ray X

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Eeeevvve, the pictures are SO SO SO AWESOME!!!! We got your email on the last night of our honeymoon and looked at them in bed with a glass of prosecco in hand- what a way to end our first holiday as husband and wife! We love every photo! Thank you so much for capturing the day so perfectly and bringing back all the fantastic memories. They may have even brought the odd tear to our eyes! Everyone said how fab you were and they’ve loved the Facebook teasers-wait until they see the whole album, it’ll blow their minds!! Thank you again!!!
Love M & H xxxx

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Eeeeeeve,  Oh my god, what brilliant brilliant brilliant photos. Alex and I spent HOURS going through them last night. It really was like reliving the day all over again. SO much laughter!! People have told us that we didn’t stop smiling all day, but the proof really is in your pics.  How you managed to capture everything you did I do not know. You are a true magician.
Laura and Alex

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Eve, Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.
Tom and Naomi

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WOW!!! I actually can’t stop looking at the photos, they are so amazing and have been very inefficient at work yesterday and today as a result! Thank you so much, you have really captured the atmosphere of the day perfectly and the photography is just gorgeous. There are just so many we love, it’s hard to choose just a few favorites. I really love the ones in the poppies and Sam’s favorites are the atmospheric ones with everyone in the barn and on the dance floor! They are all just SO wonderful and everyone who has seen them has commented on what an amazing photographer you are. We are both absolutely delighted!
Jess & Sam

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