Francesca and James are a difficult couple to pin down. That’s because them seem always to be wondering around the planet!  This makes me all sorts of jealous!

They popped back from their travels to South America to meet me at Elmore Court back in January  and confirmed their booking with Mrs Mash-Up. A videographer that I love working along side. (we’re like a little dream team!)

They said their vows in Stroud with an Arch Bishop overseeing their nuptials before heading over to Elmore to celebrate with friends and family. What celebration it was too! I have no idea where in the world they have now found themselves in but they out there making it a better place!

Nailed once again by Team E of Elmore Court

Make up was by Emily Tarrant and Clare Bryce

Sorori Design florist and Lauren Grey Stylist put together this stunning neutral colour palette for the blooms and styling.

Chris Andrews helped me out second shooting on the day.




Firstly I want to say how sorry we are that there’s been a week in-between us receiving our photos from you and sending you this message. It in NO way reflects our feelings towards the photos. We LOVE them.

You may have gathered from spending the day with me that excitement and emotion aren’t really my forte. Let’s be fair, I struggled to crack a smile before we got to the church! Well, the night you sent through the photos I was so excited that I didn’t sleep. You see, we got your e-mail late evening and agreed not to look at the photos immediately as we were due up at 4.30am the following day (to finally secure James’ spouse visa!). We knew from the few you had shared previously that we would want to make a moment of looking through them. We are so glad we waited and took the time to view them properly. You have done the most fantastic job and they were well worth the wait.

Thank you for capturing the smiles (the many many smiles), the laughter, the love and the tears (mainly James’). Thank you for making precious memories tangible and relievable and thank you for giving us photos that we will treasure for the rest of our lives together.

We couldn’t have asked for more.

Francesca and James xxx

Francesca & James