How far will you travel?

 As far as you like! I often venture outside the Cotswolds. I don’t charge any extra for travel within the UK mainland although a small charge may be made if I need to stay overnight. Please contact me for destination weddings, I aim to be as competitive as possible with my travel .

Will my images be watermarked?

No, the images you receive are full resolution & un-watermarked on a lovely website. This makes sharing your wedding pictures with friends and family as easy as pie for the ultimate no hassle experience. 

Do you do group portraits?

Yes it is an option,  I do recommend however that we limit them, ultimately I am a reportage/candid photographer and we will miss out all of the real emotion that happens on your day if you spend hours in line. So yep, but they are light, fun and super fast.

Are you insured?

 Yes, fully. As any professional should be. I can provide these document directly to your venue on request.

How long will it take to see our pictures?

The average editing time is between 3 and 8 weeks depending on the time of year. I know you will be keen to see your wedding photographs and I do them as fast as I can without comprising on the quality. If there is going to be a delay I will keep you fully informed.

How many pictures will I receive?
This is dependent on the package you choose but between 500 and 700 edited and finished.
Do you need feeding?
For a full day shoot a meal would be great, so yes please! I will take a break during your wedding breakfast and leave you in peace to enjoy your meal. ( I eat anything !)
Will we meet before the wedding?

Things have changed a little in the new world, the run up to a wedding is a busy time so I recommend a Skype or Facetime. If your local and want to grab a coffee that’s fine as well. 

You haven't worked at my venue before, will this be a problem?

I have worked at most of the wedding venues in the Cotswolds and love to work at new ones. However It doesn’t matter either way as each wedding I shoot is as unique as the people getting married. One way or another I will recce a new venue.  I love new challenges and new backdrop so I get silly excited over all my firsts.

Are you a pushy photographer?

Blimey no! Please see my testimonials page and the comments on my unobtrusiveness. However I will guide you a little for your couple shots to make sure we get some truly outstanding pictures. Most of my couples HATE having their pictures taken….but my pictures mean you cant tell as they are so natural. 

Can we have some fun shots?
Absolutely, I get briefed for all sorts of weddings so if you want to include props or some slightly more outrageous shots that’s great….,I just want everyone to be comfortable. 

If I haven’t covered a question you would have asked please get in touch as I would love to help.