Cripps Barn Christmas wedding

Oooo January’s been dull hasn’t it? Grey skies, no light wet and soggy! Yuck!! Time for me to catch up on some blogging and I’m going to start with a little bit of christmas sparkle! Oh yes.

Beccy and Tim had their Christmas wedding at Cripps Barn in the Cotswolds.  Its a gorgeous venue and i’ve been working here for many years, always a win for me as its a stones throw from my home in Coates. Talking of stones I am the recommended by their sister venue Cripps Stone Barn. I find myself shooting here often over the year. I love both venues though and they compliment my relaxed creative style well.


Winter weddings will always pose a challenge. Photography literally means ‘writing with light’ and that is what you’re looking for when composing a image through the camera, what the light is doing, where its falling and what it brings to the composition.  Winter sets the challenge by decreasing the light, and when there is light its very very different from a hazy summer day.

Happily these challenges are the reason I love my job so much.  By 4pm all natural light has gone for the day,  its time to get the cases from the car and break open the light I bring myself.  Armed with my Godox flashes my aim is to create the light but not change the atmosphere.


After all the Cripps Barn’s been booked to be cosy, candle lit and warm.  Luckily I love playing with my tech and winter weddings may mean less natural light but that doesn’t go hand in had with less creativity. I may do a blog post soon on creative night shots but for now let me tell you Beccy an Tim’s story.

They are simply lovely people.  All I need nail my job is happiness. If I have that I can create the story around it.

I had Lucie Hamilton on my wing for this one, I have a small group of go to second shooters and Lucie shoots with a similar style and instinctively knows what I want to achieve from each wedding.

She started with the boys,  they got ready at  The Cotswold Barn, Crucis Park Estate. The best man had to cancel his plans to attend the wedding, due to an imminent arrival, but in his place send a consignment of nerf guns! Which meant lucie spent the morning racing round and dodging bullets! 

Beccy got ready at  Waters Edge Lake in Cerney Wick. Picturesque lodges in one of the most beautiful cotswold locations. 

There was a merry team at the lodge, and one my most favorite people, the fabulous Katy from Katy Pheiffer MUA  she’s a genius

The wedding was joyful, fun and full of love. Beccy and tim where like all my fab couples very fearless. Boots on and up for everything I suggested! The warmth and laughter from this wedding easily transferred into the photography, with everyone up for a pre christmas party.

People were put in the festive mood with carol singers after dinner and then hit the Cripps Barn dance floor with all the right moves! 

It was a blast, just as weddings should be !  Please get in contact if your planning to marry at any of the Cripps and Co venues Contact Eve

Oh Eve! 

Thank you so, so, so much! We’ve just had the loveliest Friday night going through these with a bottle of bubbles… so great to be able to re-live the day!
Thanks again and hope you have a great weekend!
Beccy & Tim x