Oh my goodness goodness me. I can’t quite put into words my admiration and appreciation. These are utterly incredible, you captured such wonderful moments. As you can imagine it was a particularly emotional viewing aka I pretty much cried and laughed over every single photo and got to relive the day and see so much going on that I didn’t know had gone on!! Antony and I happened to be in a restaurant at the time in Bali and we’d just ordered bellinis so it made for the perfect viewing. I just love them all – I love the fact that you noticed and captured the little tipi newspaper cutting comic and my wedding shoes were placed in front of the photo of my Mum on her wedding day and the ones of the flower girls are just amazing and the ones in the rain and Helen’s ones too of the boys and guests and the ones of the speeches and the party, you stayed so late to do that and I SO appreciated that as well as doing things outside of your remit like bustling up my dress when no one else could do so!!
Wow just wow. I’ve sent the link to my Mum and sister and they are equally wowed!!! Thank you. Thank you.

Charlotte and Antony