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The woman behind the camera is me, eve!

Photography has been a huge part of my life from day one


Born a Londoner, my passion for open space and fresh air led me to the Cotswolds. I currently live in a village near Cirencester in Gloucestershire . I spend my down time renovating our house, forever changing my mind on the photographic prints on the walls.  Walking my dogs down to the source of the Thames, passing meandering dry stone walls and picturesque villages or wandering through the vast country estates.

I love travel, people, food, culture, climbing, netball and of course weddings.  It’s great that I can still easily hop on a train back to London or wander around Bristol to soak up my fill of urban culture and busy streets that I grew up with.

Couple in Elmore sunset

An early picture

Photography has been a huge part of my life from day one. Before he retired my dad was an advertising photographer, responsible for shooting some of the biggest and most iconic ad campaigns in the 80’s and 90’s. He love’s a name drop, and has rubbed shoulders with many iconic photographers, there is no one he hasn’t met for a quick pint between shoots!

My mother was a photographers stylist, her eye for design and art appreciation has been pinnacle in my life . There was always a camera lying around the place for me to pick up, and I was always taking a snap. I’ve taken pictures forever, I can’t remember a time that I didn’t. I never figured I would become a photographer though. It’s funny looking back, I’ve always photographed people without realising I was doing it! 

I’m a quiet personality with a brave heart and adventurous soul. I rarely say no to a mad idea and often have the bruises to prove it.  It’s why I love my job, you can show so much without speaking and this seems to work so well for weddings, because I appreciate a beautiful moment as much as beauty in its aesthetic form. 

Cotswold, UK & Destination Weddings

It makes me grin to think that I have now photographed well over six hundred weddings, many near my home but also in numerous destinations across the UK and as far as Italy, Croatia, Austria.  I’ve even biked out to the desert in Dubai for a golden hour and sunset to rival any other, a far cry from the rolling wild UK Countryside.   All of them have been such brilliant fun and I meet the most wonderful personalities. I use creative photojournalism to record emotive, precious moments. I tell the story and focus on moments, one that is uniquely yours from the make-up going on to the heels coming off.

My work is authentic and fresh with an artistically creative edge and very importantly is UNOBTRUSIVE and RELAXED. I’ve always stayed away from current editing trends and keep my work clean and high end editorial,  after all I live in  beautiful South West and if you marry in the countryside the beauty of nature plays a big part of your wedding. I’ve seen so many styles come and go and look dated very quickly so I feel its important to keep things real. Framing and telling a visible truth through the camera.

Its both amazing and humbling to be able to say I am currently one of the UK’s premier, multi award winning female wedding photographers.

My dates book up quickly so please GET IN TOUCH  to say hello and please feel free to ask anything else about me. I would love to hear about your wedding celebration.

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One of the most amazing wedding venues Elmore Court.


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