Blogging back to the summer now, when I shot ths lovely wedding and had my first experinace of working at Upcote Barn.

I really love shooting military weddings. I suppose due to the nature of their job Alister and Vicki spend lots of time apart and its really nice to see people cherish each others company.

I met A and V at the Barn at Upcote, a new one for me to work at, it is just lovely. It’s a great space and a neutral canvas for a Cotswold wedding.

A and V like most of my clients were super relaxed and very organised. They just wanted chilled out, informal story telling images, and only two requsts for set up shots.  A fly by had be scedualed, again another first for me, and they would love a Peacock photo with one of the Upcote Peacocks.  Now both of these shots working are things that rely on others that I can’t communicate with, so I was a little nervous.  The RAF crew where true to their word though and bang on time exactly where they said they would be and we enjoyed a fantastic fly over (i’m sure there is a more technical term!) Now for the Peacock, not quite so organised but after the spectacular RAF performance he just had to show off to!

We were blessed with fine weather and A & V took a wander in the evening light which created a simply stunning et of images. It was like being in the south of france that balmy summers evening.

I spent the day with the lovely Sam from OFF BEAT FILMS!

” We just sat down to look through our photos (with a glass of fizz and some pizza, any excuse!) and we absolutely adore them. My cheeks are aching from smiling so much over the last hour and a half. You have managed to capture the emotions of the day so beautifully. Not only will we treasure these photos, but our family and friends will, too – especially the ones of the kids, you have such an eye for spotting moments! Thank you for being such an important part of our day. 

We will see you at the Steph and Salty wedding next year 🙂 

love Vicki and Al x “